The Linkeys community is looking after your future talents

Which option do you prefer?


1. You

… are looking for an employee for a vacancy



2. Our Management-Tool

… publishes your vacancies in our community



3. Our community

… receives your vacancies live on the Linkeys’ application



4. Mobile App

… allows community members to share your vacancies in their own networks to potential candidates


5. The candidates

… apply for your job



6. You

… simply receive and sort the applications in the management tool


Co-optation : the new era of recruitment


Our community of coopters allows you to save time by performing an initial screening.


The community receives your offers directly on our Linkeys mobile application.


Our management tool allows you to manage the entire recruitment process independently.


All publications are free of charge. You only pay for access to the management tool.


Your employees are your best ambassadors. They are the most likely to find their future colleagues.


The diffusion of your offers on our site and our application increases the visibility of your employer brand.

Your management platform

  • Post your job offers
  • Manage your job applications
  • Define the amount of the reward
  • Answer candidates directly
  • Add new users
  • Create your response templates

Which option do you prefer?

Voici un exemple avec les explications de ce que vous pourriez payer :

  • Payment by card and only when you publish your first position.

1 month


+ costs in case of hiring*

*Reward and fees (between 20%-30% of the reward) in case of hiring only

1 year


+ costs in case of hiring*

*Linker reward and fees (between 20%-30% of the reward) in case of hiring only


Linkeys takes care of the entire management of the payment of the reward to the Linker. If, and only if, you hire a candidate, you will receive an invoice for the amount of the reward as well as the management fees (between 20 and 30% of the reward).

No, candidates don’t need the application to apply. They receive a link that takes them directly to an application form.

Yes, you can choose the amount of the reward between 300 and 2000 CHF or €.

When you cancel your subscription or it is no longer valid, you can still process the applications already received. However, you will no longer be able to post new offers.

Your employees are the most likely to promote your company’s values. They are your best ambassadors.

If you have any questions, you can click on the icon at the bottom right of this page to discuss directly with us. If you prefer e-mails, you can write to us at