Get your buddy a job and win until 2000 €!

Linkeys is about

Become a headhunter

  • Be helpful

    Do you know anyone around you who's looking for a job? Or do you know someone close to you is not fulfilled in his/her current position? Share with him/her the jobs that seem to suit him/her!

  • Use your network wisely

    In this digital age, it's easy to use your network to broadcast job offers.

  • Get the reward!

    As soon as your candidate is hired, you earn a bonus of up to 2'000 € !

keep in touch

Notifications keep you up to date on new positions in your area.

Be efficient

Filters allow you to ease your searches

share on your networks

The application generates a unique application link for each shared job.

Talk with us

An integrated chat allows you to discuss directly with us.

A few numbers

Amount to be distributed
  • Look at our vacancies

    Browse the available job opportunities.

  • Spread the vacancies

    Share offers within your network like FB, twitter, LinkedIn, email, WhatsApp, etc. The link created by the application identifies you.

  • Get the reward

    As soon as one of your candidates is hired, you will receive an email and a notification inviting you to provide us with your bank details. We will then pay you the bonus.

How does it work?

So, convinced?

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