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Recommend a friend or member of your network for a position they are qualified in and receive up to €2,000.


Linkeys, is sharing mutual support

another way to find a job

How does it work?

Linkeys has 1,247 vacancies in France, Switzerland and Portugal which allows you to coopt your network and receive a bonus if your coopted candidate is hired.

  • Do you know someone who’s looking for a job?

    Do you know someone who is not happy in their current role or who is looking for a job?

  • Share a vacancy from our website with them

    Take a look through the available job offers and share any suitable ones with them

  • Receive your bonus within 7 days!

    As soon as your candidate is hired, you receive a bonus of up to €2,000!

Our last vacancies made many people happy

Fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts or part-time jobs in all areas:  IT, health, public administration, finance and more.

Join the Linkers community

More than 30,519 Linkers have already joined to help someone find a job. Also, share vacancies that correspond to your network and receive a bonus of up to €2,000!

They talk about it better than we do

Linkeys helps companies with their recruitment

Our cooptation process allows you to find the perfect candidate,quickly, while promoting your employer brand.

About us

Linkeys, recruitment and cooptation specialist since 2016, has more than 1,247 vacancies in France, Switzerland and Portugal.

Linkeys also provides companies with recruitments services through cooptation tailored to the needs of SMEs and large corporations.

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