About Linkeys

We democratize participatory recruitment and find the best candidates through co-optation.

Linkeys is a participatory recruitment platform designed by cooptation experts for HR departments, business leaders and recruitment professionals (recruitment agencies and temping agencies). 

We enable our customers in France, Switzerland and Portugal to recruit employees for permanent or fixed-term contracts, work placements, work/study programmes or temporary work more effectively thanks to cooptation: via our platform, recruiters advertise their vacancies to a wide community and thereby benefit from qualified candidates at a very competitive rate.

Linkeys also allows everyone to advertise their vacancies within their network (via the free app or on our website), recommend potential candidates and be rewarded with a cooptation bonus if one of them is recruited. Today, more than 30,000 coopters share our vacancies and can obtain these bonuses. 

Why Linkeys ?

The name Linkeys evokes “Linking keys”, in reference to the app which is the key that links the coopter (Linker) and the person they recommended.

Fonded in


30 500

Coopting members








Present in 3 countries :
Switzerland, France, Portugal


Online vacancies


13 290 €
Bonuses paid to our coopters in  2020

Who are our clients ?


Temporary employment agencies and recruitment firms are just some of the customers that entrust us with their recruitment through cooptation, but also numerous companies in the services, energy and construction sectors.clients

Temporary work and recruitment

Grands Travaux Facilities
Illico intérim
Aire H
Celtic Travail Temporaire

Companies and organisations

Bouygues Energies & Services Spontis SA
Banque Cantonale de Fribourg
Reitzel BriandGroupe Sincrone
Progin SA Metal

Groupe Colas
Etat de Fribourg
Biossun Suisse SA


In addition to our team of founders and all of the HR consultants or recruitment specialists from the company HR TOP, we currently have 13 employees, (4 in Switzerland, 8 in France and 1 in Portugal).

Mare Nostrum, the support of a major HR company


In 2019, the Mare Nostrum Group became a shareholder of Linkeys and launched our cooptation service in France. The Mare Nostrum Group is an expert in the field of human resources management for SMEs. Created in 1995, it specialises in:

  • temporary work
  • recruitment
  • training
  • payroll
  • professional mobility

Mare Nostrum has more than 270 permanent employees, 12,000 temporary workers and over 100 commercial establishments in France and abroad.