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Recruit faster and improve the quality of the people you hire through your own employees and Linkeys coopter network.

Recruitment through cooptation: the advantages

Broaden the scope of your recruitment process beyond those who are actively jobseeking

60% of the population is not actively looking for a job but are open to a new challenge

With cooptation, improve the quality and permanence of the people you hire

47% of coopted employees are still holding their positions 3 years later, versus 14% via a standard jobboard

Recruit for less and save time in your recruitment process

76% of recruiters say they have lower recruitment costs via cooptation

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Recruit your temps with a dedicated tool connected to your ERP

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Our cooptation solutions are turnkey and can be adapted to your daily needs

  • Simplification and interconnection of business processes

  • Support and advice

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