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Nous avons rassemblé pour vous les questions qui nous sont le plus fréquemment posées par les utilisateurs de Linkeys pour vous fournir le plus d’informations sur notre service de cooptation.

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Cooptation” or “participatory recruitment” consists of an individual sponsoring a relative for a job and receiving a bonus if the relative is hired. The individual (or the co-opter) shares a job offer that he or she thinks matches the profile of one of his or her relatives (the co-opted). 

If the latter applies for the job and is hired, the cooperator will receive a bonus paid by the recruiting company, via the Linkeys platform.

Becoming a cooperator with Linkeys allows you to help your friends and family find a job and also to receive a bonus each time the person you have sponsored is hired.

Linkeys is a company founded in 2017 by human resources experts. Linkeys is part of the Mare Nostrum group, a specialist in human resources engineering, with over 278 employees.

Today, Linkeys has more than 30,000 users (or Linkers) and more than €100’000 in co-optation bonuses paid out.

Currently, more than 200 companies and temporary employment agencies trust Linkeys for their recruitments.

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The service is 100% free for our users (the Linkers), no hidden costs, no commission. Our income comes from the companies that entrust us with their recruitment.

No, the Linkeys platform is open to all professions.

Job offers on Linkeys

We cover all sectors of activity and offer jobs for almost all existing professions: currently, we have many job offers in the health sector, in temporary employment and for executives.

You will find job offers for permanent, part-time and fixed-term contracts as well as for temporary work.

Our partner companies entrust them to us: HR or temporary employment agencies call on Linkeys for their co-optation recruitments.

We have offers in Switzerland, France and Portugal.

Yes, it is possible! You can even ask a friend or family member to refer you and get a cooptation bonus!

Cooption bonuses

Cooptation is a recruitment model that complements advertisements on job boards. Co-option is of interest to human resources professionals because it is a more efficient and quicker method of recruitment than traditional advertisements. The cooptation system helps companies to recruit when the profiles sought are rare, difficult to find, or in a niche sector.

The amount of the bonuses is between €50 and €2,000 depending on the profile. The amount of the bonuses varies according to the rarity of the profile sought. The more sought-after the profile (engineers or IT developers), the higher the bonus.

If a candidate is hired as a result of your recommendation, you will receive a notification by email or via our mobile application. You will be asked to enter your bank details in your Linkeys profile to receive the bonus by bank transfer within approximately seven days.

Sharing offers

You can browse our jobs and filter for specific positions on the site or via the Linkeys app. To share a job posting, simply click on the “Share” button. You can share these jobs directly on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or by email.

Each time an offer is shared, a unique link is generated. We use it to identify the winning cooperators.

No minimum or maximum at Linkeys! You can share as many job offers as you wish. However, be careful to remain relevant and not spam your network.

Data and privacy

The personal data collected by Linkeys is intended for our internal use only and is stored on our servers for the purpose of notifying and informing linkers about the use of the Linkeys service. Personal data is processed in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data.