Tutos & FAQ

We prepared un quick tutorial video to explain how it works. Click here

Only if you want. By default the salary is not public. You can set it to public with the checkbox “Show salary” in the vacancy edition page.

When you publish a vacancy, the availability on the platform is one month. More than one month, the community doesn’t share it. You can republish the vacancy for one month and the community will receive a new notification.

Invoice is sent by email. Payment period is set to 30 days.

Not for the moment. You will receive a invoice every month.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can go to the company page -> subscription section and click on the red link to cancel subscription

To publish a vacancy that cost nothing but you monthly subscription. You can publish how many vacancies you want. If you have a success, the community fees are invoiced. It is composed with the Linker reward + additional fees.


We are always working on RMS to give you a better experience.

You’ll find some new features to help you manage candidates : 

  1. Custom email templates for candidates
  2. Sorting of you candidate with a priority label
  3. Keep eyes on the status of each candidate during recruitment process 
  4. Sorting as you wish
  5. History of candidates

Due to confidential reasons, we can’t we cannot inform the Linker about the candidate process. When a Linker share a vacancy, un unique link is generated. This link identify the Linker and then we know the Linker who recommend the candidate.

Linkeys pay the reward to the Linker

We use some criteria based on departement and salary of the vacancy to propose a reward. You can change this reward at any moment before the vacancy is published.

We use banking transaction to pay the reward.

If you have visual issues when using the RMS, please send us an email to contact@linkeys.com. WE know that sometimes we encounter issues with some version of Internet Explorer browser. We’re are continually doing everything to avoid that … with your help as well.

To add a vacancy, admin user must to go to the user management menu and click on “Add user”.

If you want to remove a user, admin user must go to the user management menu and click on the user to remove and then click on the trash icon.

We send a Linkeys confirmation email when he/she apply. When you change the status of a candidate, we propose you to add a message to the candidate. Feel free to keep him/her in touch. They like to know as soon as possible where there are in the recruitment process.

From your RMS, you give you the possibility to contact you candidate directly by email. You can create email template to be quicker during this step. You can add how many templates you want by going on your company menu and it in the template section.

To give the reward to the Linker we need the candidate to apply through our candidate page. It’s important to not give any other contact method in the job desc.