Environmental and ecological charter

Linkeys cares about our planet and we need to take care of it. That’s why everyday we choose, as much as possible, the environment as a priority.


  • All coworkers are aware about energy waste and disconnect all their devices at the end of the day.
  • Last employee switches off the light and pulls the main electricity plug.
  • Electricity is handled by Gérine Energie


  • We encourage soft mobility.
  • Business trips are reduced at maximum and replaced as much as possible with videoconference.
  • Linkeys avoid business trips by plane as much as possible.

Servers & Data storage

  • We use digital storage for all our documents.
  • Internally, emails are banned : We use Slack for internal communication..
  • All collegues are aware to clean their mailbox from unused emails or email with attached documents
  • Our servers are hosted by Hidora: works with green energy and with optimization (pay what you use) or usage


  • Online invoices : Depending on customer contraints, we avoid to send invoices by postal mail.
  • Rechargeable batteries replace any other kind of batteries.
  • All waste is sorted and recycled.
  • All printer laser cartridges are recycled by a specialized company.


  • We prefer local purchases and with companies having respectful environment policies, labels or products with environment
  • We always prefer reusable materials especially cleaning, hygiene, dish soap, kitchen, our whitboard walls, etc.
  • We renounced water fountain and replaced it by tap water.
  • When we order marketing clothes , we prefer bio, ecoresponsible and sustainable suppliers.