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Recruit through the Linkeys community

Our 34,000 coopters share your offers

Recruitment of candidates who are not present on the job market

Faster and higher-quality recruitment

Success fee

Linkeys Community

  • Dynamic broadcast of your job ad

  • Candidates on stand-by, not looking for a job

Jobboards classiques

  • Wait and see candidates

  • Open to work candidates

Effective & easy recruitments

  • Register and advertise your vacancies free of charge

    Bank card not required

  • The Linkeys community will find you that one-in-a-million talent

  • Coopted candidates appear in your dedicated space. You decide which candidates you want to interview.

    You only pay Linkeys and the coopter if you hire a candidate through us.

Improve the quality of the profiles you hire

Linkeys Community, the tool and community responsible for tracking down your future talents

Digitize the coopter/cooptee relationship

We extend the circulation of your vacancies to our Linkers community.

Independent management of the recruitment process

Linkeys Community gives you complete management of your vacancies and candidates. From follow-up to automated responses.

No problem. We support you

We assist with your recruitment process and make your employees aware of cooptation.

More than a recruitment software solution, this is a 360-degree service

Advertise your vacancies in just a few clicks

  • Simple and intuitive for recruiters

  • Create an advertisement in under 2 minutes

  • Bonus offered and fees automatically calculated based on the information entered

Manage your applications in a masterly fashion

  • Organisation and intuitive filtering

  • Management and organisational tools at your disposal

  • Instantaneous status of applications and reminders

No credit card required*

Our rates: success fee only

If you find that one-in-a-million talent through Linkeys, you pay the coopter a bonus and commission to Linkeys

Example :


The advertising of job vacancies is entirely free and unlimited.
If, and only if, you hire a candidate who was recommended, you will pay Linkeys:

  • the bonus amount that you determined 
  • management fees equal to 55% of the amount of this bonus

Linkeys ensures payment of the bonus to the person who coopted your recruit.

Yes, you can decide the amount of the bonus from €300 to €2,000: for successful recruitment, the cooptation bonus will need to be sufficiently appealing.

The Linkeys platform allows you to prepare and disseminate your advertisements yourself as you would on any job vacancy platform. Your job offers will be shared by our community of over 32,000 coopters.

No, candidates do not need the app to apply. They receive a link that takes them directly to an application form on our cooptation platform.

Currently, over 200 companies and temporary employment agencies use Linkeys to recruit suitable candidates. Our customers are from a variety of business sectors, in particular health, transport, construction, consulting and energy.

Yes, our customers use our services to source potential middle management executives and engineers from all disciplines: networks and IT, construction work, chemistry, electricity, etc.