My Linkeys

The solution for digitizing and running your recruitment programmes with your employees

Your employees will always be your best ambassadors.

Recruitment of hidden talents from your employees’ network

Recruit faster and high quality profiles

A better onboarding in your teams

Our solution to digitize your cooptation

Centralise, monitor & manage

your applications on your dashboard. Including candidate aptitude tests and scoring.


your employees when a recommendation leads to a hiring


your employees and candidates automatically


internally with a tool that reflects your brand image


all of your vacancies to your employees

More than a cooptation tool, a 360-degree solution with its dedicated services

We can assist with the setting up, internal communication and running of your cooptation programme.

Awareness-raising. Training. Support.

From discovery to mastery of cooptation within your organisation. We provide you with comprehensive support.

Employer brand communication

Internal mailing, cooptation challenge. Creation of co-branded external content, interviews, webinars, joint posts on networks, articles, etc

AI & recruitment assistance

Automatic scoring and matching of profiles, pre-qualification and smart CV library

Our prices

They are personalized and vary according to the options chosen. The cost of the My Linkeys solution includes a licence, which is a one-off payment, along with an annual fee for maintaining and updating the system.

From €249/month


What type of companies is the My Linkeys offer aimed at?

Our My Linkeys recruitment by cooptation solution is designed to be used internally. It is therefore mainly aimed at companies with a sufficiently large number of employees to be effective in the context of a cooptation programme. Our white-label cooptation solution is suitable for companies with over 1,000 employees.

Much more than a simple cooptation platform, My Linkeys allows you to centralise your human resources management on a single recruitment software solution: 

  • multiposting of job vacancies, 
  • mailbox management with candidates, 
  • payroll management, 
  • training management,
  • candidate aptitude tests and scoring, 
  • customisable follow-up dashboard, 
  • career management based on desires and skills,
  • Smart CV library: pre-qualification, scoring and matching with our Artificial Intelligence dedicated to recruitment.

Yes, included as part of internal sponsorship and all with the support of dedicated AI! With My Linkeys, you have access to a dashboard including all your candidates’ aptitude tests and scoring, and you can also manage their messages.

We help our customers with the preparation, deployment and follow-up phases of their cooptation programme.

Linkeys also trains your employees who are responsible for recruitment and advises you on daily use of the platform. The organisation of your community and monitoring of your indicators are also included in our support service.

A 2015 APEC study on internal mobility showed that one in every two executives are unaware of mobility opportunities within their own company. It is this lack of communication that My Linkeys is seeking to address by making your vacancies more visible.

A powerful HR tool, an internal cooptation system will also allow you to create the link and enhance the engagement of your employees

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