Discover who is part of Linkeys' great team

Loris Alexanko

Customer support

Hey, I am Loris. I use to be a recruiter for many years, I work for Linkeys' customer support for our french customers I am also a sports lover. When I am not on a football field, I love to travel and explore the world to discover new cultures

Laurent Buchs

Stickman Coordinator

Hi, I’m Laurent, and I joined the founding team in January 2018. I moved around a lot before I found what I was looking for here, a bit by chance. Since starting at Linkeys, I’ve adapted to the needs of the team. I’m sort of the ‘office manager.’ I take care of human resources, finances and community management, and I’m actively involved in the implementation of marketing strategies.

If I’m not answering you in the chat room or behind my screen, you’ll find me in the mountains, come rain or shine, in the water or on a trip to the other side of the world trying to bring back memories and some nice pictures 

Jason Da Fonte

Portugal ambassador



Woof woof! I’m Haïko! My job at Linkeys is to keep an eye on the sofa, say hello to passers-by or warm up feet. I like it when Kelly brings back pastries, with a bit of luck crumbs fall on the floor...and yes, you guessed it, I’m a foodie! This is my quiet side but don’t be fooled! I also love to go swimming in the River Gérine to catch the sticks. The thing I love the most is still my ball! 

Kelly Pala

Web dev Guru

Hi, I’m Kelly 🙂

I’m the web developer guru at Linkeys. Yes, yes, you read that correctly: a female developer! So, yes, I’m a computer scientist but I’m nothing like the cliché of the geek locked away inside, sheltered from the sun and other people. Quite the opposite, I love people, and I love to make them happy. If you drop by to say hello, expect to find a little tart or cookies that I’ve baked...unless my colleagues have eaten them first! With my bachelor’s degree in engineering recently under my belt, I was lucky enough to be employed at Linkeys for my first job.

Victor Balducci

Customer support

Hi, I’m Victor, and I joined Linkeys in May 2019 as a support agent for Customer Care. My sunny disposition and call centre experience made me suitable for this position. I spend my days helping applicants use our app. When my day is over, I turn off the PC and you’ll find me either on a tennis court or a football pitch. I specifically like to spend time outside. And if I’m not outside, it’s because I’m enjoying a good bit of cheese at home; yes, that’s my guilty pleasure 🧀

Axel Casareale

Full Stack Ingeneer

Hi, I'm Axel. I’m the latest addition to the team. I am the UX manager, I mainly take care of the frontend at Linkeys. I’m a car enthusiast, but currently I’m a cyclist. Very greedy, I spend my time cooking or eating, but mainly eating. The look and the ergonomics are very important characteristics for me. Traveling and meeting a lot of people is my favorite pastime. In an old life I must have been a nomad. See you on the bus.

Sébastien Di Marco

Customer support

Hi, I’m Sebastien and I’ve been part of the Linkeys team since May 2019. I attach a lot of importance to listening to others. In our job, this is really important because understanding other people’s needs means we can make them happier. Whenever there’s a problem with the placement of ads on Linkeys, I’m the one clients turn to. The aim is to hold a sort of support function for our clients to help them while leaving them the freedom to use the tool. I’m also involved in the Quality department. The aim is to ensure that the ads placed by our clients respect the principle of non-discrimination and that they’re free from spelling mistakes, readable and appealing. I also share our clients’ ads on the various professional social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.)

Emil Hofkunst

Digital Storyteller


Remember the guy who was always scribbling drawings in primary school? Yes? Well, maybe that was me. My name is Emil and I’m currently working as a digital storyteller.

I contribute my skills to the visual and communication side of Linkeys and I love it!

When my day is over, I run home to carry on working on my personal projects. If I’m not at work, it’s because I’m in Bern, where I’m studying fine arts. See you soon

Emma Sollier

France ambassador

Hello, I’m Emma!

I’m one of the first people who was employed at Linkeys in France!

When I arrived, I worked exclusively in sales order to develop our amazing app in France. In September, I started a sandwich course bachelor’s degree while working as a marketing and communication project manager to develop my skills in this field, which I’m finding increasingly interesting. This means I can develop as much in terms of sales as marketing and communication! I also coordinate various things between Switzerland and France in different fields. I’m involved in lots of things at Linkeys and that’s what I like!

I’m quite calm by nature. I like to spend time with my family and friends and enjoy simple moments

Florian Bideau

Sales manager

Hello, I’m Florian. I joined the Linkeys team in January 2021 as a commercial manager, after several years doing that job in various groups. I’ve been working as a temp agency and recruitment agency manager for five years. This has allowed me to explore the world of human resources. Today, my work mainly involves the commercial development of Linkeys, and I also work as a manager with the French team. If I’m not on a business trip, you’re very likely to find me on a tatami mat 

Gaëlle Da Costa

Marketing manager

Hi, I’m Gaëlle! The latest arrival in the lovely Linkeys team 😊

I’m originally from France and I worked in a media agency for six years. I’ve joined Linkeys so I can use all my knowledge to develop its image and reputation.

Ever the optimist, I come to work with a smile on my face every day and a million and one ideas in my head; my favourite word is IMAGINE! There’s no problem that doesn’t have a solution.

I look somewhat disorganised (and frankly anarchic when it comes to the state of my office), I observe a lot and always have a structured plan in mind.

Discussion and sharing are vital. Curious about everything, I love meeting people, debating, mixing genres and cultures. I’m always up for group activities, which I organise regularly, even when I don’t know the subject at all! That doesn’t scare me!

Marine Frigo

Customer support

Hi, I'm Marine. I recently joined the Linkeys team full time. Until now, I worked for a recruitment firm, particularly in real estate and tertiary positions. I spend my days analyzing the CVs entering the application in order to help select the best candidates. I am also active on professional social networks to promote our offers and make Linkeys known. I provide a service to the temporary agencies of the Mare Nostrum group in order to guide them in the use of the application. Outside of work I like to spend my time with family and friends.

Sadio Kouyate

Quality & Customer support

Hi, I’m Sadio, and since May 2019, I’ve been working at Linkeys as a customer support agent. This means I ensure there is constant contact between Linkeys users by listening to their comments and complaints, and I tell them how to use the app as best I can.

I create the content of posts and share them on social media (LinkedIn and Facebook etc.) and I carry out quality checks on ads by updating statuses and checking the content of ads and publication campaigns.

Ironically, I’m a typical product of Linkeys as I was employed thanks to this application for a recruitment officer position in the Mare Nostrum Group in November 2018.

Otherwise my hobbies outside of work are reading, trainers and retro video games (Super Nintendo and Neo Geo), so basically I’m an old-school geek.



oof woof woof woof... Oh, sorry. I meant to say: my pet name is Winston. I’m the youngest in the team...and it shows! I’m full of enthusiasm and I always want to play, especially with Haiko! When he doesn’t want to, I try with the two-pawed lot, but most of the time they have their eyes on their little light box. So, I do silly things to get their attention and often it works. 😇 Once I’ve finished annoying everyone, I settle down to get scratched or sleep...just to go full throttle again!